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The film's soundtrack was composed by Swiss group Les Reines Prochaines. Since it was founded in 1987, the women's group has been one of the most unconventional, creativ and productiv music groups of Switzerland.

«I was only in the early stages of writing the screenplay when the unburdened playfulness, the slight melancholic seriousness and the daredevil humour of this music was following me around, and I knew that no other music would be more ideal for my film. The playful songs manage to defuse the serious subject matter by giving it a charmingly unencumbered touch and by supporting the subtle humour of the story. (Claudia Lorenz about Les Reines Prochaines).

Les Reines Prochaines are: Michèle Fuchs, Fränzi Madörin, Muda Mathis, Barbara Naegelin and Sus Zwick. The soundtrack for Hoi Maya was produced in collaboration with Swiss musician Hipp Mathis (Die Aeronauten). Composed by Michèle Fuchs and Hipp Mathis.

«Our compositions are minimalistic, radically economical and luxurioulsy simple. Alongside de discipline of perception we practice the arbitrariness of ideas. The everyday, the mythological and physical, pop, folklore and childhood act as formal and textual sources of inspiration.» (Les Reines Prochaines about their music).

Discography: Protest und Vasen (CD, 2003), Alberta (CD, 1999), Le coeur en beurre (CD, 1995), Lob Ehre Ruhm Dank (LP/CD, 1993/94), Dumme Siech (CD single, 1993), Schweiss und Tränen (CD single, 1993), Hellgrüne Lyrik (Kassette, 1992), Jawohl, sie kann’s. Sie hat’s geschafft (LP/CD, 1990), Les Reines Prochaines (cassette, 1988), Potatas (cassette, 1987/88).

foto: Tobias Madörin